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The Grace and Truth Christian Library
May God Help You See The Light


Our Library of articles and audio sermons present Biblically based answers to doctrinal issues such as:

  • Is Sunday, or the seventh day Sabbath, God's ordained day of rest and worship?
  • Is the Holy Spirit a person and part of a Trinity?
  • Is obedience to the Ten Commandments earning one's salvation?
  • Should Christians keep Holy Days such as Passover, Pentecost and the Feast of Tabernacles, or observe modern holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween?

The Holy Bible is the only source of spiritually revealed truth, and the only book to record the words of the Living God, verbatim. Yet, modern Christianity has been unable to provide sound Biblical answers to such important questions as:

  • Did my unbelieving relatives really go to hell when they died?
  • Is there any sin that God cannot forgive?
  • Is it God's will to heal my sicknesses?
  • How does a Christian acquire the same kind of faith, that Jesus and the apostles enjoyed?
  • Why does a loving God allow mankind to suffer?
  • Is faith all that is required for salvation?
  • And, how can I be sure I have God's forgiveness, and that He absolutely loves me?

The information presented on this website provides truthful, balanced and grace-filled answers to these, and many other Biblical questions. Please feel free to share all articles and audio sermons, with your family, church or friends.

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