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This Minister Says
Preach Christ!

A Message For Preachers

Sabbath Day

Why do some Christians keep the
Sabbath day?

A History of the Sabbath and Sunday part 1

A History of the Sabbath and Sunday part 2

Roman Catholic and Protestant Confessions About Sunday

The Return of Christ
Coming Soon!

Christian Living

Jesus Christ - the Center of
the Christian

Has God Changed Your Plans

Encouraging a Troubled Heart

God Looks on the Heart. Do You?

Is Your Religion Neurotic??

My Never Again List

Bible Studies



Should Christians Observe Modern Holidays?

Is it Possible to Christianize Modern Holidays

The Truth about Halloween

Should a Christian
Celebrate Christmas?

What's Christian about Christmas?

Easter or Passover

Valentine's Day - Christian
or Pagan?

What is the Reward
of the Saved?
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Woman to Woman
Coming Soon!

God the Father
Coming Soon!


God's Church Government

On Church Government?

The Gift of God

I've Met the Two Witnesses Several Times

Being Independent

Scriptural Evidence for Home Fellowships

Is the Ministry - God's Government?

Hier-Archy or Christ-Archy?

God's Laws of Love

After Grace - Then What?

Conformed To The Image Of His Son

Obedience Confirms Our Faith

Are God's Laws"User Friendly"

Faith or Works

Should Christians Observe the Law?

Sacred Name

Sacred Names - Fact or Fiction

Sacred Name - A Bible Study (Part 1)

Sacred Name - A Bible Study (Part 2)


Heaven, Hell and the Judgment Day

Eternal Judgment

The Last Great Day

A Study of Death

Is This the Only Day of Salvation?

The Holy Spirit
Coming Soon!

God's Annual Holy Days

Holy Day Calendar for Years 2000 thru 2010

The Feast of Unleavened Bread


Feast of Trumpets

Day of Atonement

Feast of Tabernacles

The Last Great Day

Are the Biblical Holy Days for New Testament Christians?


Christ's Supreme Sacrifice

Unleavened Bread-A Celebration of Our Freedom In Christ

Unleavened Bread-A New Testament Festival

The Faith Which Was Once Delivered

Three Days and Three Nights

Christian Family Values

What Does Every Woman Want And Need From A Man

What Does Every Man Want And Need From A Woman?

You Can Build Your Home For The Glory Of Christ

Do You Want What Is Best For Your Children?

Jesus Christ the Savoir

Is Jesus God?

Faith & Healing
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